What brings you here? WTF Affirmations are MP3 files which you can listen to and can help you develop a more positive state of mind to help you deal with some of the problems you experience. Choose an area and gain control.

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What is an affirmation?

Affirmations are statements that we knowingly or unknowingly repeat to ourselves throughout each day.  Sometimes we may develop an unhelpful affirmation from an uncomfortable experience at an early age and then repeat this daily, as if it was true, even into adulthood.  Examples of unhelpful affirmations, include; I am worthless, people hate me, I am useless, I am ugly, I always hurt others etc.  Notice what you feel even repeating these things to yourself now.  We can train ourselves to use more helpful, supportive and positive affirmations.

How do you use your new Affirmation Recordings?

Once you have bought and downloaded your affirmation onto your phone, tablet or other device, we want you to listen to your affirmations in a place where you feel comfortable.   It could be on a train using headphones or within the comfort of your own home.  You'll find basic advice and information at the beginning of and during each recording.  Please note that it is unsafe to listen to any of the recordings while you drive or are operating machinery. 

For the best outcomes we recommend you listen to your affirmations on a daily basis, for about 8 weeks.  You may want to listen to your affirmations for longer periods, which is OK.

Be patient and persistent.  You will find that by repeating the affirmations silently to yourself the ideas in them will become part of you.  Of course, if you don't want to take these ideas on board, that is OK.

How do you download and save your new MP3 Affirmation Recordings?

Once you have selected and bought an affirmation, it will be delivered as a high-quality MP3 file. You will be available to download it from our website for 30 days from the date of purchase. By downloading the MP3 file and keeping it somewhere safe, you will be able to listen to it for as long as you like.

Your MP3 affirmations can be saved to any iPhone, iPad or iPod, Android phone or tablet, Windows phone, or any Windows or Apple computer.

We can't give advice on how to save your MP3 Affirmation onto every device because there are so many devices out there! However, we have compiled a list of resources which will hopefully help you.