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News & Events

Welcome to WTF Affirmations!

We are delighted with the launch of our new Affirmations website, which we hope you find informative and easy to use.  Our aim is to continue to develop our WTF Affirmations services and provide our customers and clients with a range of self-serve tools and be responsive to their needs.

You can browse and read through our Affirmations web site easily on computers as well as mobile devices like your laptop, iPad or smartphone which means that all of our visitors and clients are able to access our content on the go.  You can safely buy our products with the added security provided by PayPal. 

The Affirmations on this site are MP3 files which once you have bought you can download and listen to on any device you use, in a place where you feel comfortable.  The Help page will guide you through any technical bits.

As the site develops we will use this space to display relevant articles and information, and update our followers on a regular basis. Be sure to keep in touch.