Depression is misunderstood by many people.  What we don’t understand often frightens us.  Many of us withdraw from others during depression, like some animals naturally withdraw to heal.  We may just feel down and have no reason for it, we may feel confused and scared of how we are feeling.  Find somewhere quiet and safe and let the words gently sink in.  Your sad feeling will pass.

Depression - Introduction
Depression - Affirmation
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This affirmation has been designed to help and support people with issues related to depression and low mood. 

We recommend you listen to this is in a calm environment, where you feel safe and secure.  If you are currently being supported by other health professionals, please continue to work with them.

This affirmation can help with a range of themes including:
  • Death/Loss
  • Family Problems
  • Low Mood
  • Stress

What is an Affirmation?

Affirmations are statements that we knowingly or unknowingly repeat to ourselves throughout each day.  Sometimes we may develop unhelpful Affirmations from uncomfortable experiences.

Our MP3 Affirmation recordings can help you develop a more positive attitude.

"I look on life a lot more positively"

How do I download and use my MP3 Affirmation?

Once you have bought your MP3 affirmation, you can download it directly onto a PC, Mac or Android device and listen to it straight away.

Alternatively, you can download it onto a computer and import it into your iTunes library, so that you can sync and listen to it on your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

Our Help page contains useful links which explain how to do this.