About Us

About Us

Off The Record is a charity based in Greater Manchester and we have worked with vulnerable and marginalised young people for the past 24 years.  Our aim at Off The Record has always been to meet the challenges that society places on our young people and adults. 

Off The Record seeks to develop relationships that are equal, open and respectful wherein both the person 'in need' and the organisation can grow together.  We want young people to develop strategies for good emotional health by working with us and other organisations.  We aim to offer a range of services, from brief intervention provision at our Drop-Ins, internet based advice and guidance to face-to-face counselling.

Over this time we have recognised that growing up has always been a complicated business, but these days it can seem close to intolerable. High-pressure exams, social media, selfies, self-harm, body image, poor sleeping patterns and cyber bullying have placed children and young people’s mental and emotional health under siege as never before.  Added to these issues has been a recession and austerity measures, placing families and their corresponding support services under ever increasing pressure. 

Off The Record has developed the Affirmations as a part of our wider prevention programme.  Our aim is not to replace existing support networks, but to complement them. 

We believe people should be given the space to explore problems and find more satisfying ways to manage their lives.  We have developed the Affirmations as a ‘self-serve’ tool that is flexible, accessible and non-stigmatising.  You can listen to each digital MP3 recording in your own private space, under your own control.  You can choose to accept the Affirmations or not, which is OK.